1. NSS HGM SDK Specification

Here is a link to NSS HGM SDK V1 specification, which is packaged in a PDF file.

2. Patents

The patented methods are published on USPTO's website, CIPO's website, RUPTO's website, and CNIPA's website. To get a copy of the specification of a patent from USPTO,

  1. visit USPTO's website https://www.uspto.gov,
  2. click Pat Num button, which is under the Patents button,
  3. enter the patent numbers that are 10109105 or 10120961, or 11238649,
  4. you may add it to cart or save the document on your computer. If you use the Images function that USPTO provides, you can get a copy of the formatted document.

3. NSS Web3d Modeler

NSS Web3d Modeler V8 was released as a limited edition, up to 300 (three hundred) hard copies will be released worldwide. Here is a link to V8's End User License Agreement. You may go to NSS store and get more information.

Click here to download 30 days FULLY FUNCTIONAL trial version, NSS Web3d Modeler, V5.

Save the downloaded file, a Zip file, on a physical disk, and decompress it, which contains two files: Setup.exe and Setup.Trial.msi.

Run the setup.exe and follow the screen instructions.

Click here for more information about installation.