1. The Patents

The patented methods and systems, whose titles are Method for Immediate Boolean Operations Using Geometric Facets,

  1. provide five Boolean operation commands and a surface trimming command as a unified solution for Solid Modeling and Surface Modeling systems.

  2. using accurate calculations are able to create fine and complex geometric models;

  3. are able to create variant geometric models, both geometric shapes and their facets contribute to Boolean operation results;

  4. are very flexible, which are able to execute Boolean operations with primary geometric shapes, thin shapes, swept or extruded shapes;

  5. are able to handle both convex and concave shapes using the same procedures;

  6. are concise and direct;

  7. are able to work without CSG and B-REP, and are able to work with CSG and B-REP.

For more detailed information about the patents, visit USPTO's web site.

2. The xModeler

NSS Web3d Modeler, a Computer Graphics system, has an integrated design environment, providing concise, flexible, and powerful functions.

  1. Integrated design environment. NSS Web3d Modeler provides design view, code view, and scene graph in an integrated design environment that encapsulates authoring, editing, modeling, parsing, rendering, compiler, geometric operations, and verification commands in a single application, which may reduce design cost and speed up production.

  2. Concise, flexible, and powerful functions allow the user to focus on design. NSS Web3d Modeler provides a set of dedicated commands, enriched calculation methods, and unity interface elements enabling the user to control every aspects of their virtual worlds.

  3. The Boolean operation method embedded in this Modeler is flexible and efficient, is able to create fine and complex geometric models. Different geometric shapes are able to participate in Boolean operations, the Boolean operation results are fine, and the system allows many Boolean operations to model a product.

  4. NSS Web3d Modeler V7 provides CSG, Constructive Solid Geometry, to record a Boolean operation sequence, which includes geometric parameters and operational parameters. Changing one of the parameters generate a different result.

  5. NSS Web3d Modeler provides drag-and-drop operations, copy-and-paste methods, visual editing commands, dedicated rules for X3D content verification, and optimized and refreshed system architecture to enable real time authoring. The kernel of the NSS Web3d Modeler, ECMA 232 script engine, virtual world rendering engine, and X3D/XML/VRML parser, are seamlessly integrated to ensure immediate data transformation.