1. License for The Patents

To get a quote on a license for one of the patents, whose Patent Numbers are listed here, please contact the enterprise and provide us your name, your company's name, and your job title.

2. License for NSS Web3d Modeler

NSS Web3d Modeler V7 limited edition is released, which runs on Windows 7, 8, and 10, up to 300 (three hundred) hard copies will be delivered worldwide. Wire transfer is a preferable way when a customer places an order for this edition.

Each hard copy has a unique serial number and license numbers, and a hard copy's price is CAD$ 70,000 (seventy thousand Canadian dollars).

Please be advised that NSS does not refund nor take any returns. When placing an order, please be sure that you used a NSS Web3d Modeler and there was one function you required.

3. Wire Transfer

To place an order for a license of the patents or the xModeler, please visit a local bank branch and make a requirement for wire transfer using the following information.

	Beneficiary's Bank
	Account No.
	Beneficiary's address
	Nature Simulation Systems
	361 St-Joseph O.
	Montreal Qc Canada
	H2V 2P1

If your currency is not Canadian dollar, it is better to convert your currency to Canadian dollar and then transfer.

Each billing address can order ONLY ONE copy.

To let NSS process your order quickly, you may send a copy of your receipt of wire transfer to NSS either by email or mail, indicating

  1. the quantity, by default it is 1;
  2. your mailing address where you are able to sign when the hard copy arrived;
  3. your billing address if it differs from your mailing address;
  4. either USB or DVD as a storage medium. By default, we send a USB key to a customer. If you prefer DVD, please specify it, and you will receive a DVD.

After your order got confirmed, a hard copy will be delivered to you in 5-10 business days.