Chapter 2 System requirements

This Modeler is designed for Personal Computers including desktop and notebook ones that run Windows platforms.

1. Operating systems

This Modeler supports Microsoft Windows 7, 8 and 10.

2. RAM

This Modeler does not require much memory at the start stage. When authoring complex or volume data, you may need 2GB or more RAM.

3. CPU speed

PC IV and upper level can achieve faster and smoother rendering results. To edit complex simulation and animation worlds, high speed CPUs are more effective.

4. Hard disk free space

For installation, 20 M free hard disk space is required.

5. Graphics cards

Generally, graphics cards speed up image rendering, but graphics cards are not a must.

6. Mouse and other accessories

A pointing and input device is essential to make drop-and-drag operations that the integrated development environment (IDE) provides. A mouse with two (2) or three (3) buttons works.

To play virtual worlds—X3D scenes—a speaker or speakers may be required if the scenes contain any sound nodes.

No other accessories are required for design purposes. However, if you want to save, play, or distribute the design results, you should have more media tools or equipment.